My Peacemaker is a small business with a simple vision,

Provide tools that foster mental clarity in people’s lives.

We all need help sometimes to navigate through the never-ending information cycle and social media noise. Without adding to that clutter, we wanted to provide straightforward and simple tools to build your path with integrity. We strive to provide you just that – help you build clarity in a systematic, non-compulsive way.
Our products aid in identifying your core values, intentions, and priorities, while reducing the mental clutter. We want you to be able to pick up these tools and drive your journey towards clarity.
Initially developed as a set of products for personal use, we quickly realized that anyone can use these to gain value from self-reflection and lift the veil of confusion. Our business is based on the same principle. Define the vision, focus on what is important and cut out the noise. We keep this in mind as we deliver beautiful products you want to use every day and make part of your daily life.